Friday, January 9, 2009

Who the heck is MAD AVE Recruiter to tell me my resume needs work?

I’ve placed hundreds of professionals at jobs.
I’ve also authored a column at entitled: "Am I Worthy?" ;)( search google!)

This is not a how to write your resume article.

As part of our MAD AVE Recruiting and consulting practice, we write and produce resumes for both seasoned professional and recent college grads for placement in the advertising world.

We concentrate on revising your basic resume with your assistance into a document that gets you in the door. Let us assist you in your quest for a new or better position. We have yet to see a single professional resume service that was worth spit. If you are trying to decide what to do with your life, let us help you. We offer this resume writing service because 100% of the resume writing books and services we have been exposed to are not worthy of a MAD AVE professionals time or money.


Cyrus Mehri, who has wrung multi-million-dollar discrimination settlements from Texaco, Coca-Cola and Morgan Stanley, is pushing ad agencies to change their minority hiring practices while threatening to haul them to court.
With the backing of the NAACP, Mehri announced the "Madison Avenue Project" yesterday, along with the results of a study commissioned by his firm, which found widespread discrimination against blacks.
While Mehri said he will push ad firms to change their minority hiring and pay practices, his firm, Mehri & Skalet, is also investigating claims of discrimination.
"We are interviewing members of the industry and are building a case brick by brick," Mehri said.
Legal experts said it will be tough to bring a class-action suit against the entire industry. Mehri would have to show a pattern of discrimination across the major agency holding companies, including WPP, Interpublic, Omnicom and Publicis. More likely, Mehri would bring a suit on behalf of plaintiffs against individual agencies or firms.
"I would be surprised if there was enough evidence to indict the entire industry," said Paul Secunda, an associate law professor at Marquette University.
Mehri was the lead attorney for the Women on Wall Street project in 2004, which won a $47 million settlement against Morgan Stanley in 2007.
The New York City Commission on Human Rights examined minority hiring practices in advertising in 1967 and again in 2004 and found them lacking both times. In 2006, the commission reached an agreement with several big ad agencies to establish minority hiring and promotion goals. One third of the reporting agencies missed one or more goals.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

failure in retention compounds poor planning efforts

Diversity Recruitment does not have painful.

Diversity Recruitment on Mad Ave. has been at first blush a resounding success!
The real failure is a double -edged sword: a lack of retention efforts and active poaching by rivals and in some cases recruiters have been poaching their own placements after a term of 3-6 months!

The third area of profound weakness is poor research. The failure to understand the criteria used in the decision making process by the candidate.

More often then not MAD Ave HR has been satisfied with Hispanic and Asian candidates and the miised the headhunting focus of the Gov. oversight commitee by a mile!

NY Commission on Human Rights AD Agency Diversity Chart

Source: New York City Commission on Human Rights. Arnold and Euro did not break down management and professional hires. Published by in April 08

Leo Burnett Settles 'Army of One' Suit for $15.5M

Leo Burnett Settles 'Army of One' Suit for $15.5M Agency Continues to Deny Army's Claims of Overbilling for CampaignJan. 6, 2008CHICAGO ( -- Leo Burnett will pay $15.5 million to settle allegations that it overbilled the U.S. Army for work on its "Army of One" campaign, the Justice Department announced today. The suit was a result of whistle-blowing by two former Burnett employees. Among the allegations in the lawsuit, filed in 2004: Burnett was treating the work of its own internet unit as if it was performed by a third-party contractor, as well as inflating the costs of subcontractors it worked with, in order to increase its profits. Read the full story at -- Jeremy Mullman

Diversity requirements met and exceeded

The art of recruiting requires a zen approach. No one wants their HR needs and requirements aired in public. From 1964 until after the second attack on The WTC Stamm Agency served Wall St with an invisible hand. Traderscout now serves the needs of Mad Ave with the same discreet and effective recruitment

email to arrange a confidential discussion of your requirements.

Fees: 10% deposit of anticipated salary and a final fee of 30% when recruited person begins 21 day of employment.